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Trening Colorado USA 2016

Antoni Bogdan

Film z treningu przed 36-mi Mistrzostwami Świata w wędkarstwie muchowym Colorado USA 2016


XXII Mistrzostwa Europy w Wędkarstwie Muchowym Słupsk 2016

Antoni Bogdan

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Podziekowania za sponsoring od organizatorów Muchowych Mistrzostw Świata Juniorów

Antoni Bogdan

August 27, 2015

Dear Antoni and AB-Fly,

     The 14th FIPS Mouche World Youth Fly Fishing Championship has just wrapped up! It was a very successful event and every angler caught fish! Held in Vail, Colorado, the Championship hosted 100 anglers representing 10 countries and more than 120 volunteers supported the event. Teams attended from Canada, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and the US. The picturesque venues of The Colorado and Eagle Rivers, Dillon Reservoir and Sylvan Lake were excellent locations for anglers and spectators. The water and weather was challenging at times, but the competitors adapted and all venues produced trout. Team Winners: Team USA took home gold medals, Team Poland won the silver medals and Team Czech Republic got bronze medals. Individual Winners: Hunter Hoffler of Team USA won gold, Mason Sims of Team USA the silver, and Emilio Jose Berjaga of Team Spain the bronze medal. It was an impressive championship, filled with talent and camaraderie amongst all and truly showcased the quality of fly fishing in Colorado.

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